First We Want to Thank You for your Courage and Love

Courage; because many people think about helping others but the majority sadly never follow through.

Why, is because it takes a special courage to take a risk and #1 people don’t feel qualified or #2 the think they don’t have a large donotation or any time. For the record, even a dollar can make a difference and that doesn’t require but at minute. So in advance we at S2E™ commend you. Yes, time is precious.

And about Love; we all know that this is probably the most overused and misunderstood verb in the English language. Yes love is action and by you having the courage to  come here to learn more about us and share a slice of life with us, this is one of the greatest examples of real Love you can show. A big hug from S2E™.

The WQ Project

  • We believe actual live recorded business, life and love experiences coupled with the M.P.S.edge™ principles is key to understanding and will provide a lifetime embrace of Business, Life and Love empowerment.
  • Our desire is to record for humanity and history many levels of the human experience and conclusions pertaining to, as we believe, the 3 pillars of  building a Healthy, Harmonious & Prosperous human existence.
  • We are inviting all grandparents and beyond to participate in this history creating opportunity. Thanks to modern technology your words will live on indefinitely. Pretty cool right?

Levels of Participation

  1. Review, meditate and prepare your replies to 11 questions pertaining directly to and about Business, Life & Love™and be prepared to have your experiences recorded in the format of a podcast or youtube® episode,
  2. Volunteer to be an “Ambassador” or scout if you will for the project in your community to invite others to share their Experience, Strength & Hope for prosperity.
  3. Simply make a donation to the organization and share Students to  Executives and our Wisdom Quest™ to enhance the lives of others in your daily activities when deemed appropriate.


  1. Make a donation of any amount to the S2E™ Organization. This money is used to fund the WQ project in it’s entirety.
  2. Contact us directly via email at or 954.773.4089 as for Wisdom Project  Coordinator.You will immediately receive access online to the 11 Wissdom Quest™ questions.
  3. Be able to use Skype for a video recording session and give permission to use recording for any and all pubic viewing and organizational purposes. (recording sessions will be ultimately scheduled additionally in local charities facilities in the future – such as Jaycees, YMCA, Boys & Girls clubs etc…)
  4. And most important: Have fun, Enjoy life & Help others!

Wisdom Quest Project 11 questions