S2E™ is an interactive self-education success university or society of like-minded people. We desire to obtain and/or share WERK (Wisdom, Experience, Resources, & Knowledge) with others for the purpose of furtherance for success of great Ideas, Visions, Businesses, Lives and Love desires!

We are the bridge in many instances. We’re a catalyst. We’re a tribe among tribes! We’re a sounding board! We are the “Make it Happen Tribe“™ We preovide a platform for the elders to “Play it Forward” with the youth of our future.

We lift up, not lean on! We share challenges we overcome and positive experiences with others! We provide a helping hand, never a hand out!

At our regular public success L.A.B.S.™, we invite both the novice & the experts. The visionaries & practitioners. The leaders & learners. The coaches & players. The movers & shakers. The thinkers and dreamers. The elders and the youth!

We come together to E.A.T .™ (“Excel Above Together!”.)

We gather in spirit, online and in L.A.B.S.™ to discuss, review and accelerate the ideas, businesses and lives of our members. This acceleration comes in the form of a think tank or mastermind team without limits. We strive to inspire on a human level through L.A.B.S.™ interaction. Through our mentor, benefactor and scholarship system, our goal is to elevate business, lives & love while inspiring stellar lifestyles in the mental, physical and spiritual realm for all who embrace our path!

Our members are found in all walks of life and at all levels of success. In the beginning of or starting their next empire! They could be in Elementary, High school, College, 1st level Executives, Middle management, or returning from their 9th retirement! Success is a mindset, living it is a conscious choice!

We invite all seekers to visit, explore, enjoy and embrace the S2E™ Visions Society™ experience with us.

We encourage all who arrive, learn and attend to invite others of the visionary mind to participate and encourage them also to share their own WERK or their own vision with the alumni at large through alliances born!

The main requirement for membership and attending of L.A.B.S.™ is to have a desire to support others in their ideas in businesses, life & love. No one is a member for the sole purpose of furthering his or her own ideas or business! The minimum commitment required by all attending is the ongoing support at the lab level with the open giving of their WERK.

We as a society strive to be fully self-supporting through our own contributions along with the benevolence of our supporting communities resources. There are no mandatory dues or fees to be associated with us in success L.A.B.S.™.

The desire to attain membership above the associate level is voluntary and requires greater participation along with a nomination by an existing member. Advance membership status may receive additional rights, privileges, & benefits.

Our Gift and Primary Purpose is to provide the M.P.S.edge™ to all who desire and are willing to provide the effort to receive it may, so that they too may…

“Excel Above Together”