We believe when you empower people with Business, Life & Love principles they naturally improve choices.

 Youth can obtain life altering skills & techniques before graduating high school – for ALL others – the time is NOW.

Our formula helps empower everyone for everlasting success in their career path and in their personal lives.

Volunteers and Sponsor dollars help people young people still in primary school learn.

S2E Mission is Simple & Fun “Get Empowered to Inspire Yourself & Others“.



If YOU are the type of person who agrees that many things within society are broke and need a REAL solution,

We May Be An Organization For You!

Are YOU are the type of person who agrees it is better to prevent disaster rather than wait until  you cannot ignore it,

We May Be The Perfect Organization For You!

If YOU are the person who prefers NOT sitting on the sidelines and hoping Government educates our future generations…

We Are Definitely An Organization For You To Support!

If YOU are the type of person who is willing and able to do a little, if not a lot, and could share a little money if not a little time,

We As An Organization Would Love To Have You Donate $1 Dollar Or Better Join The S2E™ Team!

Bridging the wisdom of the ages in Business, Life & Love to inspire intelligent mature career and life choices.

Youth can learn life altering skills & techniques before they graduate high school and for ALL others, NOW is a great time!

The M.P.S.edge™ insures people are prepared for real world success in their career path, life and yes ideally… even in love.

Volunteers & Sponsors can additionally participate in the journey with people learning a unique life blueprint.

A 501(c)(3) NGO together with community, corporations and your support we fulfill,

S2E™ MISSION: “Empower You to Inspire Yourself & Others”

If You Only Give Once a Month, Please Think of Us Next Time…

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